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Village Hall : EVENTS and Covid-19 Arrangements


Friday 20th November at 7:00 pm – On line “Seasonal Quiz”

For this quiz a copy of the enclosed map on the village website at click here will be required. You can print it from there and there will also be copies in the Village Hall foyer and from me at home.

To join Zoom Quiz:


Meeting ID: 885 0827 0433

Passcode: 469624




Covid – 19 Arrangements:

The Village Hall Committee has been asked to try and relieve the gloom over the coming winter months — and will try to do so.  But we are aware that there are still a large number of Village Residents who are reluctant (for quite legitimate and understandable reasons) to attend indoor and other events.   We will do what we can within the limitations imposed by Government Regulations (more of which may soon be imposed) and having sufficient able volunteers, and are always open to other suggestions and offers.

David Morgan on behalf of

The Village Hall Committee

Hall Plan – ‘Rule of Six’

Volunteer Guidance – Issue 1




For the very latest guidance, information and access to help and support visit our dedicated page, here